Let me start this review by saying that what you are about to read will sound cliché, but I assure you it is nothing but the whole truth. I was tasked with finding a new “All-in-One” copier for my company. The one we had had given us many years of faithful service, so I was inclined to find a similar if not updated model of the same copier. My thinking was that most or all the features and functions of our old one was crucial to our day to day business operations. I was lucky enough to find a “Gently Used” copier being sold by Prestige Office Solutions. I called the company and everyone I spoke to were very helpful and informative. I took the leap of faith and my copier was on its way from California to Arizona. The copier is beautiful and has seamlessly replaced our old one without issue. After several months of zero issues, our copier experienced an error. I was able to troubleshoot the problem and concluded that the problem we were experiencing was due to the long-haul shipping as it was a physical part that had broken. These things happen. What happened next was outside the norm. I spoke to the folks at Prestige and explained to them what my issue was and the part I had troubleshot. They immediately sprang into action and shipped me the new part without question. Problem Solved! I highly recommend Prestige Office Solutions not only for the equipment they offer, but the awesome customer service. Thank you all so very much!